West Coast Virtual Retreat August 2020

West Coast Virtual Retreat August 2020

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The Yarnitoli Virtual Retreat – West Coast Edition

August 22nd-24th 2020 😁

This Yarnitoli retreat will be held in YOUR living room, so grab your knitting, get comfy and get ready to Knit the Shit!You can literally turn up in your PJs if you want to! The live events will be held from Friday afternoon to Sunday lunchtime, but it starts way before then. Your registration fee covers not only the live sessions but so much more: Once you are registered, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group for your retreat where you will find out more about the precise timings of the live sessions along with access to other exclusive content and pre-event activities and discussions, maybe even a recipe of Jen’s favorite breakfast treat!

The live sessions will include a Meet & Greet [minimum 2hrs], Friday Night Knit Night sharing dinner and drinks [minimum 3hrs], Trunk Shows [they could go on forever!], a taught class (pattern included in registration fee) [minimum 3hrs] with a follow up class the next day, Saturday Night Knit the Shit Night, Show & Tell, a Dye the Shit with Jensession, Q&A session, and Sunday brunch. Did I forget anything? Probably!

Virtual platforms you will need access to: Facebook and Zoom (or similar video call/webinar platform).

All this for $190

Upgrade your experience:

Add on a kit for the class – this includes Yarnitoli yarn for the pattern being taught, beads if required and US shipping. This will be shipped in advance of the retreat. Total price for retreat & kit = $230

The retreat colorway – want to get a hold of a skein of yarn from the ‘Dye the Shit with Jen’ session? Then upgrade to this package (US shipping included). This will be shipped following the retreat. Total price for the retreat & 1 skein of the retreat colorway yarn = $218

The whole shebang:  Retreat Registration + Class Kit + Skein of the Retreat Colorway = $258

If you are outside of the US, and want to upgrade to one of the extra packages, please contact me for the price for the shipping.