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Jawbreaker emits a forever cherished & nostalgic sense of excitement & love, reminiscent of those enormous jawbreakers only my grandmother would buy for my brother and me as a children. From its fantastic color palette to its invigorating vibrancy, Jawbreaker is the perfect addition to any creative composition. Each glance triggers a joyful recollection of my childhood, grandmother and the unparalleled thrill of a new jawbreaker. Its brilliant & vibrant colors provide a burst of fun to any project, bringing to mind the cherished fond memories of youthful exuberance and the people who made those moments special.

Jawbreaker encapsulates the classic flavor of the big jawbreakers from my childhood - one glance at this vibrant colorway brings back warm memories of my grandma and my excitement for the treat. Jawbreaker adds the perfect pop of color to any project.

Jawbreaker is the perfect representation of those huge jawbreakers only my grandmother would buy me as a child. Just looking at this beautiful colorway instantaneously sends me right back with floods of wonderful and fond memories of my childhood, my grandmother, and me excitement that one big jawbreaker would give me. Jawbreaker is the perfect burst of color to any project.

This spectacular colorway comes in (Please allow 7-10 business days for pre-orders!):

🧶Bulky (106 yds/100g of 100% SW merino wool)

🧶Worsted (218 yards of 100% SW merino wool) 

🧶DK (231 yards of 100% SW merino wool)

🧶Sport (328 yards of 100% SW merino wool) 

🧶Fingering (400 yards of 80/20 100% SW merino wool/nylon) 

🧶2-ply lace (1312 yds/105g of 100% SW merino wool) 

 🧶DK Mini (116 yards of 100% SW merino wool)  

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